The rapid growth and increasingly saturated market of the Sand Free Beach Towel industry put Newlyfe under significant pressure. Competing with established brands that had vast marketing resources, like Tesalate and Dock and Bay, was already a difficult task. 

But things became more challenging when Covid reared its head. Australians became more cautious about their spending, especially on non-essential items. Add to that the massive downturn in international travel, and it’s clear Newlyfe had its work cut out for it. 

While they had a dedicated fanbase thanks to their solid social media efforts, the challenge remained: how to reach and convert new customers?

Challenges Detailed:


When the traditional routes weren’t cutting it, Newlyfe decided to pivot. They tapped into Australians’ changing travel habits and shifted focus to the thriving Caravan and Camping Industry. 

Recognising the uptick in domestic travel, Newlyfe saw an opportunity to stand out from competitors who were still targeting tropical vacationers. 

With BSD’s guidance, the brand executed precise, tailored campaigns on Facebook and Google, honing in on potential customers and providing them with what they were truly seeking in a travel towel.

Solutions Detailed:

In partnering with BSD, Newlyfe not only found solutions but also saw their vision come to life in ways they hadn’t imagined before.